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Swaid & Sons for Exchange Co. provides a fast, safe and cost effective package for money transfer Service. Finding the right partners is critical to providing an efficient money transfer service. If you want to become  a part of our growing agent network Just the following:-

  • Provide a license   Central Bank renewal  
  • Commercial Register
  • personal ID
  • Then sign the contract

For more information please call 8000600
Or direct number  01537676

We are in Swaid & Sons for Exchange Co. looking to offer a unique Yemeni model to be follow, and we strongly believe that what we are doing in the development and modernization of the working methods will positively reflect the strengthening of our market position locally and regionally.

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  • Selling and buy currencies }
    Selling and buy currencies

    Selling and buy currencies: - Selling and buying various currencies

  • Bill Payment Services }
    Bill Payment Services

    Bill Payment Services is a payment service provided by Swaid & Sons Exchange Company that allows  everyone  to pay the bill of landline phone – internet fees -  Tele Yemen international calls  - water bills payment  - electricity bills payment.

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  • International remittances through international agencies}
    International remittances through international agencies

    We are in Swaid & Sons for Exchange Co. proud to be agents for the largest international money transfer companies Such as MoneyGram, Xpress Money, Al-Taif, Shift Money, Dubai Remit , iCash  Djibouti service ,  and CAC Bank International  Djibouti.

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  • Floosak}

    You do not have to carry money in your wallet anymore. You can deposit money into your Fusic Money account and enjoy the benefits of the service.

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From Saturday to Thursday

From 8:00 AM-  1:00 PM   & From 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Friday day From 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM

What are the requirements for opening a account ?

For opening account for companies requires : a commercial record and a photo of the company owner's personal card.